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Yale Will No Longer Sell Lighting After June 22nd, 2020

Lighting has always been part of our company's character, as well as part of our name. Who hasn’t looked into our Boston showroom from the Southeast Expressway?

Unfortunately, this industry is a matter of focus. Appliances, for example, have a massive amount of logistics in sales, customer service, product service, and warehousing.

Lighting is about style, availability, and trends.

Retail businesses are usually geared to be successful at one or the other.

Our appliance business has grown almost four times since 2009, whereas our lighting business was up 50% in the same period.

Still, it’s not an easy decision to remove part of a business incorporated in your name.

If you have recently shopped for lighting with us, we will honor any existing quotes and credits. We will have staff in place to handle any damages and glass replacement until August 31st, 2020.

Any issues after August will be handled by customer service.