Is About Us

section of the websites relevant anymore?

You should look at every vendor on social media sites like Yelp and Google.

It is a better indicator of your future satisfaction than what we say about ourselves

Anyway, we are a family business since 1923

Most Bostonians know us through our showrooms and sales people.

The average salesperson has been at Yale 7 years and will log over 100 training hours per year. To know the latest, we have to train consistently

Yes, we have pretty and functional showrooms as do many of our competitors

However, most of our emphasis and investment is on the delivery and service side.

Unfortunately, most of the problems you will encounter relate to delivery, installation and product service

We want this to be the best part of your experience...

Yale Delivery personally have to pass a fitness exam as well as pass drug and credit checks. We also perform CORI criminal backround checks for anyone entering your home. We are delivering heavy products into your house and want the best possible people to accomplish a good delivery

Unfortunately, we sell products that break. In fact when you buy a kitchen full of appliances, there is a 100% chance you will need at least service within the first year.

Currently we have 23 service techs and can respond to critical repairs within 24 hours. You will never have to call a 1-800 and weeks for a repair

You can buy similar products at Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy and now JC Penny, We all have price guarantees, The product will be similar, The prices will be competitive, but what happens after the sale will not

We thank you for your consideration

Sincerely, Steve Sheinkopf CEO 617-822-6150

Important Numbers

  • Leo Goncalves / VP Operations / 617-822-5333

  • Dennis MacDonald / VP Sales / 617-822-6170

  • Paul MacDonald / Customer Service / 617-822-5326

  • George Novo / Delivery / 617-822-5327

  • Karen Berolini / HR / 617-822-5345